Week 321 – Jackie Brown Broadcasts

It’s star organist time and we throw spotlight on Jackie Brown. A great romantic stylist and known for his long selections of music often after leaping on the console with no rehearsal.  On the 4th April 1968 he broadcast his first and only solo programme from the Granada Tooting. Theres also some extra material on the end – tune in to find out!

You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!

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– Music played –

From This Moment On/The Song Is You

Great Day/Sing Hallelujah/More Than You Know/???

Waltz Time: Sweet September/Falling In Love With Love/Lover

Rhapsody In Blue/Among My Souvenirs/If I Had You/Autumn Leaves/Maria/Granada

Signature Tune: The Song Is You

BONUS: Ol’ Man River


All tracks (Except bonus) played on the 4/14 Wurlitzer in the Granada Tooting broadcast on the 04/04/68. Bonus material played on the 3/8 in the Ritz, Richmond played on the 30/05/66. Recordings re-mixed with Adobe Audition. 

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