Week 315 – Moon Melody

On this week’s show Damon Cox celebrates songs on the Moon and a slightly belated celebration to the moon landings which happened 50 years in 1969! This show also marks our 6th year in production!

You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!


Music played 

Track Artist Organ Record Label Year
Fly Me To The Moon Adam Evans  

Burtey Fen Collection

3/14 Compton


Burtey Fen CD 2004
Moonlight In Vermont Simon Gledhill  

New Victoria Centre, Howden-le-Wear

3/19 Wurlitzer


Crescendo (CDHLW 1007) 2011
Moon River David Lowe  

Neuadd Pendre, Tywyn

3c/8 Wurlitzer


OS Digital (OS239) 1998
Moonglow Joseph Seal  

Regal/ABC Kingston

3/12 Wurlitzer


PYE Records (NSPL 18261) 1968
Reaching For The Moon Ernest Broadbent  

Tower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 Wurlitzer


One-UP/EMI (OU 2171) 1977
Paper Moon Dan Bellomy  

Warnors Theatre, Fresno CA

4/14 Robert Morton


Dan Bellomy Productions 2001
Blue Moon Len Rawle  

Wurlitzer Hall, Leisure Centre, Woking

3/8 Wurlitzer


Tonawanda Sound (TWS 2015) 1995
Winter Sunset Nigel Ogden  

St. John Vianney Church, Clayhall London

3/7 Compton


COS Tapes (COS114) 1988


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