Week 303 – From Nigel Ogden’s Archive: A Self Portrait II

On this week’s show Nigel Ogden is back in his archive and pulls out a selection of tracks featuring himself at several organs in the UK & in Holland – Many of the recordings on this show feature instruments that have since moved on.

You can use the above player or you can download the show using Dropbox!


 Music played –

Track Artist Organ Record Label Year
The Seven Seas Nigel Ogden  

Town Hall Ossett

3/13 Compton-Christie


NTOT Kinura (NCS 109) 1990
Trumpet Voluntary Nigel Ogden  

Town Hall Manchester

5m Cavaille-Coll


Nigel Ogden Archive 1996
Oklahoma Selection Nigel Ogden  

City Theater Amsterdam, Holland

4/17 Strunk


Nigel Ogden Archive 1983
Summer Of ’42 Sweet/Gingerbread Man Nigel Ogden  

AVRO Radio Studio, Hilversum, Holland

4/19 Standaart-Compton


Nigel Ogden Archive 1980’s
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers / Festal Day Nigel Ogden  

Majestic Cinema, Cradley Heath

3/10 Christie


Nigel Ogden Archive 1983
Those Were The Days/Irving Berlin Medley Nigel Ogden  

Granada, Clapham Junction, London

3c/8 Wurlitzer


Nigel Ogden Archive 1978


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