Week 287 – Star Spangled

On this week’s show John Leeming is visiting the states – specifically Los Angeles, where he’s recapping last years American Theatre Organ Society’s annual convention. Damon also pays tribute to Timothy Duckworth.

You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!


Music played 

Track Artist Organ Record Label Year
Summer Me, Winter Me Dan Bellomy  

Paramount, Brooklyn

4/26 Wurlitzer


Cambria Recordings (Cambria CD1108) 1987

Another Openin’ Another Show


Dave Wickerham  

Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles

3/13 Barton


ATOS (LA2018) 2018
Serenata Pierre Fracalanza  

Trousdale Castle, Los Angeles

3/26 Hybrid


ATOS (LA2018) 2018
Jeepers Creepers Alex Jones  

Barnum Hall, Santa Monica

3/19 Wurlitzer


ATOS (LA2018) 2018
Cuban Pete Justin LaVoie  

Whittier High School, Los Angeles

4/26 Wurlitzer


ATOS (LA2018) 2018
Wake Up and Live Chris Elliott  

Founder’s Church, Los Angeles

4/31 Wurlitzer


ATOS (LA2018) 2018
The Flat Foot Floogie David Gray  

El Capitan Theatre, Los Angeles

4/36 Wurlitzer


ATOS (LA2018) 2018
Moon River Mark Herman  

Nathan Barr Studio, Los Angeles

3/19 Wurlitzer


ATOS (LA2018) 2018
Good News Jelani Eddington  

Old Town Music Hall, El Secundo

4/27 Wurlitzer


ATOS (LA2018) 2018
Mack the Knife Phil Kelsall  

Mission Playhouse, San Gabriel

3/17 Wurlitzer


ATOS (LA2018) 2018
Auf Wiedersehen

I’ll See You Again

Ron Rhode  

Old Town Music Hall, El Secundo

4/27 Wurlitzer


ATOS (LA2018) 2018


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