Week 278 – Rawle on the Isle

It’s star organist time and this month we traveled across water to the Isle Of Man and the Marine Villa Arcade with its wonderful 2/10 Wurlitzer. Len Rawle was is responsible for the organs maintenance and his talents of getting so much form a small number of ranks makes him the ideal person to demonstrate his baby!

You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!


Music Played

Curtain Up

The Very Though Of You (Gerald Shaw, DMC Archive 1961)

Concerto Pour La Fin D’um Amour (Concerto For The End Of Love)

Don’t Rain On My Parade


Begin The Beguine

Blue Moon

March: Berliner Luft


All tracks (except*) played by Len Rawle on the 2/10 Wurlitzer in the Marine Villa Arcade, Douglas, Isle of Mann. Recorded by Damon Cox using Sontronics STC-1S microphones, recorded with Zoom F8 Recorder and mixed with Adobe Audition. Thanks to Len for giving permission for this to be broadcast and for being so accommodating! Organ tuned and maintained by Len Rawle assisted by Judith Rawle

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