Week 254 – From Nigel Ogden’s Archive: Crossover

On this week’s show Nigel Ogden is back with more gems from his archive. This time he feature many examples of cross over artists – this is to say organist who are equally at home on both Theatre & Classical organs and a spot of piano also.


You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!

Happy Listening!


Music played –

Track Artist Organ Record Label Year
Trumpet Voluntary Michael Maine  

Dome Brighton

4/40 Hill Norman and Beard ‘Christie’


Regent Recordings (RRM 101) 1989
La Bounette/Trio Sonata No.1 (Excerpt) Joanna Fraser  

ex. Servicemen’s Club, Stotfold

3/10 Christie


Nigel Ogden collection 1981

Dainty Miss


Adrian Lucas  

City Hall, Hull

4m Compton


Nigel Ogden collection 1985
Automne Nigel Ogden  

Tower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 Wurlitzer


OS Digital (OS 230) 1997
Toccata In D Minor Gerald Shaw  

Odeon Leicester Square, London

5c/17 Compton


Nigel Ogden collection 1964
Black Key Study Gerald Shaw  



Nigel Ogden collection 1965

Fantasie Impromptu


Ernest Broadbent Piano Acorn (CF 240) 1973
Widor Toccatta (Excerpt)/ Valencia Gerald Shaw  

BBC Theatre Organ, Hoxton London

5/27 Möller


Nigel Ogden collection 1962
Carillon George Blackmore  

Guildhall Southampton

4/50 Compton (Dual Console)


Studio Republic – A Music Hall Production (RLP5006) 1964


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