Week 243 – A Convention Collection

On this week’s show John reflects on his latest trip to the ATOS convention by highlighting some of his favourite tracks from previous years. There plenty of artists, both established and new to entertain you this week!


You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!

Happy Listening!


Music played –

Track Artist Organ Record Label Year
Back Bay Shuffle ‘Guy Melendy’  

Joe Kearns Studio

3/26 Wurlitzer


RCA Camden (CAL414) 1957
Fun to Be Fooled Clark Wilson  

Ohio Theatre, Columbus OH

4/34 Robert Morton


ATOS Cleveland 2016
Mattinata Jerry Nagano  

Civic Theatre, Akron OH

3/19 Wurlitzer


ATOS Cleveland 2016
Jazz Master Jelani Eddington  

Renaissance Theatre, Mansfield OH

3/20 Wurlitzer


ATOS Cleveland 2016
Ginza Samba Justin LaVoie  

Stahl’s Auto Museum, Chesterfield MI

3/23 Wurlitzer


ATOS Cleveland 2016
Rock around the Clock Nathan Avakian  

Tampa Theatre, Tampa FL

3/17 Wurlitzer


ATOS Tampa 2017
Walk between Raindrops John Lauter  

State Theatre, Sandusky OH

3/8 Page


ATOS Cleveland 2016
All Day, All Night, Marianne Ron Rhode  

Palace Theatre, Lorain OH

3/10 Wurlitzer


ATOS Cleveland 2016
Wiping the Pan Mark Herman  

Grace Church, Sarasota FL

4/32 Wurlitzer


ATOS Tampa 2017
Blue Orchids Johnny Duffy  

Private installation



Edison International (CL5001) 1959


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