Week 218 – And It’s About Time Too!

On this week’s show Damon plays tracks from artists that haven’t had an outing on the show in a while.

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You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!

Happy Listening!


Music played –


Track Artist Organ Record Label Year
Cherokee Arnold Loxan  

AVRO Studio, Hilversum, Holland

4/19 Standaart-Compton


Private Recording  1986
Darn That Dream Ashley Miller  

Private Studio, Hollywood CA

4/22 Wurlitzer


Film Technology Company Inc 1987
Blue Goose Rag John Bowdler  

Tower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 +G.P Wurlitzer


 JBCD  c2000
Shadows On The Seine Ernest Broadbent  

Tower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 +G.P Wurlitzer


EMI Records 1978
Ken Dodd Memories: Happiness/Love Is Like A Violin/Tears/Happiness Donald Mackenzie  

Odeon Leicester Square, London

5/17+Mel Compton


Musiqua 2007
The Nearness Of You Cathrine Drummond  

Neuadd Pendre, Tywyn

3c/9 Wurlitzer


C.D Records 2003
Take Five Jelani Eddington  

John Dickinson High School, Wilmington, DE

3/66 Kimball


RJE Productions 2014
Everything’s In Rhythm With My Heart David Lobban  

Organ Grinder, Toronto

3m Wurlitzer


DMCD Archives c1980s


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