Week 214 – Music from 1934

On this week’s show Damon rejoins the trail of music from the 1930’s. We re-join the action in 1934 with some cracking tunes including Moonglow, Blue Moon, The Continental and may more!

It’s important to support organists and concerts, but everything we have brought to you this year is done out of our own pockets. So if you have enjoyed this week’s show, why not donate?


You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!

Happy Listening!


Music played –

Track Artist Organ Record Label Year
Stompin’ At The Savoy Lew Williams Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa AZ

4/78 Wurlitzer

ERB Enterprises, Inc 2000
Blue Moon Kevin Morgan Granada Studio Tours Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer

 LTOT 2003
The Continental Robert Wolfe Orion Centre, Sydney

3/17 Wurlitzer

Delta Music 1996
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart Peter Mintun and Jim Roseveare Paramount Oakland CA

4/27 Wurlitzer

Premier Recordings 1997
Moonglow Michael Wooldridge Regal Edmonton

4/15 Christie

COS Tapes 1984
Selections From ‘Anything Goes’: Anything Goes/All Through The Night/Blow Gabriel Blow/Reprise Barry Baker Ron Wehmeier Residence, Cincinnati, OH

4/33 Wurlitzer

BLB Production 1995


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