Week 182 – Blackpool and Beyond

On this week’s we hand the microphone to new presenter – Chris Borg! Chris is a well known face in the south and is a great enthusiast. We hope this show will be the first of many as has provided us with an excellent choice of music from around the world! Artists include Mark Herman, Reginald Dixon, Simon Gledhill and many more!

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You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!

Happy Listening!

Music played –


Track Artist Organ Record Label Year
Comes Love Mark Herman Aveni Mansion, Cleveland, Ohio

4/60 Wurlitzer

Mark Herman Productions 2008
But Beautiful Simon Gledhill Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, Alabama

4/32 Wurlitzer

ATOS Alabama Chapter 2010
Cheeky Chappy Richard Hills Southampton Guildhall

Dual Console 4m Compton + Melotone

Silver Street Music 2012
Here’s That Rainy Day Bryan Rodwell Tower Ballrom, Blackpool

3/14 Wurlitzer + G.Piano

Private recording c1995
Why Did She Fall for the Leader of the Band?/Solitude/Saddle You Blues to a Wild Mustang Reginald Dixon Tower Ballrom, Blackpool

3/13 Wurlitzer + U.Piano

Sterndale 2001
Looking around Corners for You David Shepherd Rex Stratford, london

2/7 Wurlitzer

FTOP 2009
Moon River Gerald Shaw Odeon Leicester Square, London

5/17+Melotone Compton

Pipe Organ Presentations 2009
Cumana Barry Baker Ron Wehmeier Residence, Cincinnati, Ohio BLB Productions 1999


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