Week 141 – On The Air

On this weeks show Damon recall some off the air memories with tracks taken from 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s broadcasts. During this period the air waves were full of poplar broadcast featuring top organists and organs – for this show we present a few of those combinations. Artists include, Robin Richmond, Stanley Tudor, Bryan Rodwell and many more!

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On The Ait TOE


You can use the above player to listen Dropbox download no longer available

Happy Listening!


Music played –

Robin Richmond – Alabama Jubilee – private recording DMC collection

Jack Ferguson – Our Waltz – private recording DMC collection

Douglas Reeve – Pack Up Your Troubles – private recording DMC collection

Douglas Reeve – Sousa March medley: Washington Post/Manhattan Beach/Liberty Bell/Stars & Stripes – private recording DMC collection

Joseph Seal – Half A Six Pence/???/It’s The Natural thing To Do/I Wish You love/You, Wonderful You  – private recording DMC collection

Ernest Broadbent – A Walk In the Black Forest/???/Hora Stoccata – private recording DMC collection

Stanley Tudor – Summer Rain – private recording JM collection

Bryan Rodwell – Trumpet Blues & Cantabile – private recording Wayne Ivany collection

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