Week 139 – Sounds Different

On this weeks show we look at different and interesting European theatre organ manufactures that are NOT Wurlitzers, Compton’s or Christies. On the show we features some interesting are rare makes of organ including Rutt, Hilsdon, Marshall-Sykes and from continent Strunk. Artists include, David Lowe, Armsbee Bancroft Simon Gledhill, Ernest Broadbent and many more!

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Sounds Diff TOE


You can use the above player to listen Dropbox download no longer available

Happy Listening!


Music played –

David Lowe – A Bedouin In Bagdad – COS 1984

David Shepherd – ‘Let The People Sing’ Selection: Let The People Sing/You’ve Done Something To My Heart/The Toorie And His Bonnet/My Thanks To You/All Over The Place – SAMMS 1988

Frank Olsen – Solitude – Musiqua 2015

Herbert Griffiths – Narcissus – NTOT 1995

Simon Gledhill – It’s De-Lovely – NOF 2001

Ernest Broadbent – Waltzes Of Richard Rodgers – NOF 1980

Armsbee Bancroft – South Rampart Street Parade – Audicord 1993

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