Week 131 – MBE Stars

On this weeks show we features organists past and present who have received an MBE. Either or their services to music because of a long running broadcast series or residency or for work behind the scenes in restoring Wurlitzers to former glory.  On the show we feature Sidney Torch at the Regal Edmonton Christie, Len Rawle at the Woking Wurlitzer and many more!

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You can use the above player to listen Dropbox download no longer available

Happy Listening!


Music played –

Dudley Savage – Calling All Workers – Perfect Partners Records 2008

Len Rawle – ‘Ivor Novello’ Selection – TWS 1995

Reginald Dixon – Padalin’ Madlin’ Home/Edelweiss/Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart/Three Coins In The Fountain/Liechtensteiner Polka – Private Recording DMC Collection

Phil Kelsall – I Had The Craziest Dream/The Finger Of Suspicion/I’ll See You In My Dreams – Grasmere 2008

Sidney Torch – Torch Song Parade Part 1 – Don’t Let It Bother You/The Continental/I Only Have Eyes For You/Over My Shoulder – Sterndale 1991

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